24 WODs in 24 hours

24 In 24 Competitors

This past weekend I participated in the most demanding endurance event I have ever done. CrossFit South County hosted its first ever 24 in 24 on Friday Oct 7 2011. Starting at 7pm we performed 1 girl WOD every hour for 24 hours.

Here’s the full workout schedule:

7:00 PMGraceFor time: 30 Clean & Jerks 135/95
8:00 PMFran21,15,9 reps of: Thrusters & Pull-ups 95/65
9:00 PMAnnie50, 40, 30, 20,10 reps of: Double-Unders & Sit-ups
10:00 PMLynn5 Rounds of: BodyWeight Bench Press & Max Pull-ups
11:00 PMCindyA.M.R.A.P 20:00: 5 Pull-ups-10 Push-ups- 15 Pull-ups 3
12:00 AMKarenFor time: 150 Wall-Ball
1:00 AMDianne21,15,9 reps of: Dead-Lift & HSPU 225/155
2:00 AMGI Jane100 Burpee Pull-ups for time: 6” reach over head
3:00 AMJones Crawl3 Rounds of: 115%BW 10 DeadLift- 25 Box Jump 24”
4:00 AMHelen3 Rounds of: Run 400M 21 KB Swing 12 Pull-Ups
5:00 AMElizabeth21,15,9 reps of: Squat Clean & Ring Dips 135/95
6:00 AMIsabelFor time: 30 Snatches 135/95
7:00 AMKelly5 Rounds of: 400M run 30 Wall-Ball & 30 Box Jump  20/14   24/18”
8:00 AMRow 2kRow 2k
9:00 AMNicoleA.M.R.A.P 20:00: Run 400M Max Rep Pull-Ups
10:00 AM30 Muscle-ups30 Muscle-ups
11:00 AMJackieRow 1K, 50 BB Thruster & 30 Pull-ups
12:00 PMMaryA.M.R.A.P 20:00: 5 HSPU 10 Pistols 15 Pull-up
1:00 PMNancy5 Rounds of: Run 400M 15 OverHead Squat 95/65
2:00 PMChristine3 Rounds of: Row 500M 12 BW Dead-lift 21 Box Jump 18”
3:00 PMRun 1 MileRun 1 Mile
4:00 PMMini Cindy10:00 A.M.R.A.P. of: 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-Ups 15 Air Squats
5:00 PMNasty Girls3 Rounds of: 50 AirSquats 7 Muscle-ups 10 Power Clean 135/95
6:00 PMAmanda9,7,5 reps of: Squat Snatch & Muscle-ups 135/95

I really had no idea how I would hold up coming into the event. I’m only a few months recovered from a shoulder impingement that pretty much made it impossible for me to train for about 6 months. I wasn’t sure if that would come back to haunt me halfway through the competition. And I had never done more than 2 WODs in the same day, let alone 24 so I had no idea what my endurance level was for this kind of thing. I’ve only done a few of the official WODs so most of these were my first attempt. My goal was simply to come out the other end alive. Finishing was all that mattered so in an effort to conserve energy I scaled everything down as much as I could. Plus I’m not yet able to do all the movements so I had to substitute some things. For example, we could substitute 2.5 pull-ups and push-ups for every muscle-up.

But I made it. And it really wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. Maybe I just psyched myself up too much beforehand. I expected the worst so anything less was a relief. There wasn’t any particular point where it got tough or I considered quitting. As time progressed our stamina decreased but we were ever closer to the end so there was an even trade off of energy and optimism. I just concentrated on getting through each WOD one at a time. After having completed it all and knowing what I know now I probably could have gone harder. Next time I will definitely try to Rx as much as possible.

We weren’t going for stellar times or PRs but we did keep track of our performance. My final tally for all the reps and work performed is:

Double Unders150
Air Squats285
Run (meters)9209
Row (meters)4500
Box Jumps (20″)288
Wall Ball (14 lb)300
KB Swing (lbs)2772
Deadlift (lbs)18525
Squat Snatch (lbs)2205
Clean & Jerk (lbs)3300
Power Clean (lbs)3150
Overhead Squat (lbs)5625
Pistols (assisted)10
HSPU (3 ab mat)50
Thrusters (lbs)5625

Not bad for a days work. :)

4 Responses to 24 WODs in 24 hours

  1. Holy shit. Not only did you guys do 24 wods in a day you did a lot of HARD workouts. Going to await the blog post of how this hits your body in a few days lol.

  2. Justin says:

    Player, I’m almost fully recovered. Sunday was the worst of it but I pretty much slept the entire day and night. Today wasn’t nearly as bad so I think the worst of it is over.

  3. Tonia says:

    Wow… just amazing! So proud of you and Koaleen! What an accomplishment for sure!

  4. I discovered Crossfit about a year ago, thanks to a good friend of mine. I was looking for something more exciting, and traditional resistance training wasn’t doing it anymore. First, I hated it…but it quickly grew on me. There is no better feeling than finishing challenging wods with an all-out effort even though you wanted to give up. I’m very excited to share my love, passion, and knowledge with the Crossfit Rockland’s community and I’m sure I will be learning from everyone as well. Feel free to contact me!

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